Modelling The Sou-West

The G&SWR has never been well-served by model manufacturers. Currently there are kits for the Drummond 45 class 0-6-2T locomotive produced by Mercian Models in 4mm and 7mm

DJH used to produce a kit for the 361 class 4-6-0 with bogie tender in 4mm scale - no longer produced this is a sought after kit!

Agenoria (now CSP Models) produced a kit of an 0-4-0ST Peckett locomotive - the G&SWR used one at Ayr harbour and it was later transferred by the LMS to work The Gleneagles Hotel branch. Although close, there are some differences between this engine and the Peckett W4 recently produced by Hornby in 00.

The Association produced a kit for the 8 Class 4-4-0 in 4mm sadly it is no longer available and we no longer have the moulds.

We produced a 7mm kit for the Drummond 45 class 0-6-2T and also the 336 Greenock Bogie 4-4-0. These were very popular and most were snapped up with pre-orders. The cattle wagon kit in 7mm is also sold-out. We do not have any more kits available.

Just Like the Real Thing produces several variations of Manson bogie coaches.

The Furness Model Company produce a van kit in 7mm.